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Embrace Your Inner Power Sessions

Do you struggle with people pleasing, putting others first, yourself last and placing your worth after everyone else’s?

This is for women who are:

  • Ready to choose themselves and build self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Ready to connect with their feminine energy
  • Ready to take massive action in their lives’ purpose.

In my Embrace Your Inner Power Sessions, there will be a 45 min clarity call where we will dive deep in your specific area of growth and discuss a specific, personalised program for you to walk away with actionable steps to tap into your higher level. I have different packages to cater for different goals for my clients. Coaching methods include accountability calls and Voxer access to keep you on track with your goals.

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Rediscover Your Inner Radiance

In the Rediscover Your Inner Radiance program, you can safely explore, challenge and release the toxic beliefs that are keeping you hurt and hidden – and come out the other side as a radiant, confident woman ready to live the life of your dreams.

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She Embraces Her Soul

The book, “She Embraces Her Soul”, contains various stories of ladies in their own distinct journeys of life and what they learned through their life lessons.

It not only gives you a peek into the average woman’s view of self-love and self-esteem, but also spreads the message of how critical and substantial our self-worth and self-confidence is in our lives. Every woman’s path is diverse but her destination is not. 

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Self-Confidence Workbook

This FREE self-confidence workbook will teach you:
  • How to develop your inner self-confidence & self-worth through consciousness and awareness. 
  • How to overcome your negative limiting beliefs about self-confidence
  • How to embrace all of you like a badass! 

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For support, tips and trainings on Self-confidence and self-esteem and how to connect to your feminine energy to tap into your Inner Radiance, join Amena’s free facebook group  Self-love & Acceptance Secrets For High Value Feminine Energy Women.

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