3 Ways to Build Self-esteem

How we feel about ourselves is something that will always be expressed whether we want to or not, whether we choose to or not. How much we value ourselves and truly love ourselves is expressed not only to the outer world involving people and everyone around us, but more importantly to our own conscience.

The judges inside our head.

 The little voices that constantly speak to us.

That is our self-esteem. It’s our way of evaluating our worthiness and the trick here is that it’s always transparent. It cannot be faked. It shows from within.

So our self-esteem is something that we always are in touch in, it reflects the way we show up or don’t show up for that matter for ourselves. It comes upon the way we treat ourselves and as a result demonstrate to others how we are to be treated eventually.

Therefore it is huge to know and believe the importance of having a healthy and strong self-esteem.

Some ways to build your self esteem

1. Know that what you are sending out to the Universe is exactly what you are attracting. This might seem harsh and difficult to digest but if you’re facing rejection, you might be attracting it and manifesting it without even knowing. If you’re facing difficulty in being loved or adored if you’re not being valued by others, then you are doing something to encourage this vibe. Remember what we receive is drawn to us by our desires. Sometimes our subconscious mind is so scared of being loved and adored, that we end up repelling it. Which is not good for our self-esteem so I invite you to take a deeper look at in which ways you could be sabotaging your mindset and start there.

2. What activities are you doing on a daily basis that you truly feel drawn to? Because energetically speaking if you do something that is absolutely against your willpower and yet you’re putting up with, you are telling yourself that you don’t matter, your feelings don’t matter. So just think of it, if you are validating yourself, why should others.

3. I want you to practice this exercise. If you have let yourself down and done things that made you devalue yourself, what were those things and how can you do the opposite of them. So for example, being needy and clingy in a relationship, or looking outside for validation, how can you execute the opposite of them??

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