About Amena

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You’re tired of looking at the mirror and thinking you aren’t good enough.


You want to pursue your dream career but are worried about what other people will think and say.


You’re convinced you won’t be happy until you reach a certain income level, find a romantic partner, or get that degree.


You want to accept every part of yourself and embrace your worth, but you just don’t know how.


I see you.


I’ve been there, and I’m here to help you take the first step on the journey.

I’m Amena Apshori, a Certified Life Coach who helps women overcome their struggles with self-esteem and self-love by connecting with their feminine energy and nurturing their self-confidence. I mentor women like you through my coaching programs and courses, so you can gain clarity, reconnect with your body, and implement lasting change.

My own journey to self-confidence was rooted in years of limiting beliefs and behaviors. I dealt with my deep insecurities by seeking validation and approval from external sources, and constantly comparing myself to others. 

The turning point came when I lost a parent and had to go through several emotional disturbances from many people. I had no choice but to step up practically and financially for my family, but I knew in my heart that I also needed to step up emotionally for myself. I made the choice to finally invest in building a strong foundation of self-love, compassion and unshakable confidence. 

Now I delight in guiding other women along the same path through Embrace and Glow with Grace. My greatest joy is seeing my clients enact the strategies I teach and transform their lives from the inside out.

Are you ready to learn how to live from a place of inner alignment, rooted in your feminine energy, and anchored in authentic self-worth? 

Take the first step. Book a consultation today.

Amena Apshori About Amena Bio Portrait Image