Amena Apshori

I know what it feels like to be in the pits of darkness. I have experienced loss and hardship but I always knew it was up to me to turn my life into one I loved. I had been someone who would look outside for validation, want others to tell me that they’re proud of me and just about do anything to be the ‘best’ daughter,sister, niece, granddaughter,wife,mother I could. I wanted to be seen, heard and accepted for who I am and not what I can do or provide. I wanted to be able to sit in my worthiness and self-confidence. Loving my body, loving my inner feminine energy and accepting myself without shame,blame, complaints, making myself a priority, choosing to trust my choices and have deep surrender in knowing that the universe has my back and that I am well taken care of was a journey I went through after doing lots and lots of deep inner work. I have devoted years to my self-development and inner work through journaling, meditating, reading and rediscovering myself. My journey has been a story of overcoming and resilience. A story I want for you, too. I moved past my fear of what other people will think. I overcame negative self-talk which always held me back and moved on to doing and achieving things that inspired me. I build my confidence and self-esteem from within and learned to be patient and calm with the process and love myself throughout the difficult phases in my life. I connected with tons of like-minded women and guided them in their journey. I found my inner calling: to help other women do the same. It is my mission to help women who want to up-level their self- esteem and self-confidence and really tap into their feminine energy. I help women quit people pleasing & build self-assurance by connecting with their feminine energy. I help high achieving women embrace and tap into their feminine radiance so that they can have inner peace without turning themselves into a pretzel by meditation,journaling, visualizing manifesting tools and techniques. I know what a difference it made in my own life and I want the same for you by giving you the right tools and support.