Rediscover Your Inner Radiance Self-Love Program by Amena Apshori

Rediscover Your Inner Radiance

  • Self-acceptance & Feminine Energy Intro

    In module one, you will explore the importance of harnessing your feminine and masculine energy, and how to move back and forth between them to create healthy boundaries, self acceptance, and overcome shame and guilt.

  • Rediscovering & Rebirthing Self-esteem & Relationships

    In module two, you will recognise that perfectionism and comparison are futile concepts that hold us back and keep us stuck. You’re going to dive deep down into your subconscious and get to the root of your self-esteem issues, so you can release false beliefs and be reborn as you truly are.

  • Feminine Rituals & Practices

    In module three, I will teach you powerful rituals, affirmations and daily practices that transformed my life and set me free. They will do the same for you! Prepare to feel strengthened, inspired, and deeply at peace.

  • Clarity, Mindset & Goal-Setting

    In module four, you will gain absolute clarity about your purpose in life and the goals and desires you’ve kept hidden for so long. You will create a powerful plan for your future and set intentional, manageable goals to make it a reality. I’ll teach you how to maintain a steady flow of energy as you begin your new journey, and avoid doubt and fatigue.

  • Magical Magnetism

    In module five, with your new found self acceptance and flourishing confidence, you will prepare to meet and deeply connect with your perfect partner, and learn compelling techniques to keep him devoted and faithful to you.

  • Self-confidence & Worthiness Amplification

    Module six is about building unshakeable self-confidence and belief in yourself so you can claim the free, fearless life you deserve! I’ll give you the tools and techniques to build rock-solid self-worth - and keep it strong no matter what life throws at you.

  • Embodying Radiance in Our Relationships

    In module seven you will use the discoveries and breakthroughs from week two and interact with friends, family and colleagues with radiant confidence and self-assurance. You won’t have to play a role to please them anymore - the REAL YOU will be a delight to know.

  • Embracing & Allowing With Deep Surrender

    In the final module of the program, I will teach you exhilarating, transformative practices that allow you to let go of fear, guilt and doubt for good. You will develop a powerful faith and trust in your self, your destiny, and the Universe that is ready to support you.

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